How to Brew American Light Lager [BUD LIGHT] πŸˆπŸ†

Today’s video is all about how to brew American Light Lager at home. Nothing goes better with football than a Light beer. Yes beers like Bud Light have their place in the homebrewing world too. Making your own American Light Lager gives you the chance to tweak the flavors in your favor to make it taste more like beer than water. In this video I show you how to make a Bud Light inspired light lager that is the perfect sipper for any occasion, Super Bowl Included!

TheBruSho is your guide to make home brewing simplified. From beginner lessons to tip and tricks to equipment breakdowns, all to give you the confidence to brew your first beer and beyond. Together we will see what shortcuts can be taken to make the brew day easier and get a fermented beverage in your glass faster.

Recipe for 5 gals (18.9L):
-6 gals (22.7L) Water
1 gal (3.8L) Sparging water
(adjust salt additions based on your water)
-Epsom Salt
-66.7% Pilsner Malt [~6 lbs]
-33.3% Flaked Rice (or Flaked Corn) [~3 lbs]
-Ultra Ferm in Mash (Optional)
-.25 oz (~7g) Magnum (or other clean bittering hop) @ 30min
-Whirlfloc @ 15min
-Fermentis SafLager 34/70
Mash @ 148ΒΊF (~64ΒΊC) for 45 min
Boil for 30 Minutes
Desired Original Gravity: 1.035 (actual 1.044)
Final Gravity: 1.007
ABV: 4.8% (based on actual OG)
-5 ml Biofine Clear

EQUIPMENT (Affiliate Links):
Grain Bag:
Malts & Hops:
Ultra Ferm:
Big Mouth Bubbler (Fermenter):
Food Safe Sanitizer:
Biofine Clear:
Brew Cleaner:

0:00 Intro
0:31 USA Light Lagers
1:27 Brew Day
2:26 Ultra Ferm
2:49 Mash & Boil
4:40 Yeast
5:23 Fermentation
5:57 Kegging
6:31 Tasting

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