How to make Alcohol from Bread – How they did it 8000 years ago – No Sugar Used

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I already knew you could make Alcohol from Grain, but what about pre-used Grain. I woke up one morning and thought….. “I wonder if anyone has tried making alcohol from bread”, then I found out how to do it.

It is relatively easy as long as you use Bread with Non Processed flour, and NO preservatives. If you are going to try this stay away from white bread and go for Wholemeal. I was very surprised at how easy it was and how much alcohol was produced from 6 loaves of bread.

I now have proof that I am descended from a long line of Boozers……. “Man can not live by Bread alone”

Russian Bread to Vodka web site

Ninkasi Goddess of Beer
Hymn to Ninkasi
Understanding Diastatic ratings of Barley
Mikes Home Brewing web site

• 2.5 kg Wholemeal bread with no preservatives (should be around 6 loaves of 800gm)
• 10 ltrs Water
• 500g Diastatic Malten Barley (ground to a powder)
• Emulsify Bread in water until all liquid
• Add Malten Barley and mix well
• Heat to 38 – 40 degrees C then turn off power and wait 30 minutes
• Heat to 50 – 55 degrees C then turn off power and wait 40 minutes
• Heat to 60 – 65 degrees C then turn off power and wait 40 minutes
• Heat to 72 – 78 degrees C then turn off power and let sit for 40 minutes
• Filter through Cheesecloth
• When at 30 degrees C add a heap teaspoon of yeast nutrient, half a teaspoon of Citric acid, 25mg Bakers Yeast, put on an air lock and wait until fermentation ends.
• Either use the end of the distillation as a Bread Beer, or distill to Bread Vodka and use your favorite mixer.

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Disclosure – Be aware that in some Countries there may be restrictions prohibiting the General Public from Distilling Alcohol for private consumption.

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Happy Brewing……..

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