How to make real ale: Essential equipment for home brewing beer

Beer Kit
A quick gallop through the equipment that I use to brew beer in the ‘Mitchell Brewery’ (my shed!). The equipment featured includes the following:

* Brupak 2kW Electric boiler, 29 litre capacity £150 (
* Brupak Insulated Mash Tun, 30 litre capacity £75
* Immersion wort chiller – copper coil, £50-£52
* Fermentation bin, 25 litre capacity £8-£9
* Pressure barrel, 25 litre capacity £21-£23
* Thermometers £2-3 each
* Bottles, Grolsh-style fliptop lids, please scrounge off your mates (repay with beer)!
* Book “Brew your own British Real Ale” from CAMRA, £15
* CAMRA subscription, £23 per year
* Website – – look out for CliveJM (thats me!)
* Ingredients – Malt, 5kg £7.50; Hops, 100g £2.88: Yeast sachet £2 (; Electricity approx. £1.20; Brewing 40 pints = 35p a pint

All the best and happy brewing


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