MEDIOCRE Hazy IPA Homebrewing Beer Recipe (How To Brew!)

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How to brew a Delicious Hazy IPA?…. I don’t know. But I can make a Mediocre Homebrewed Hazy IPA!

Here’s an amateur home brewing beer recipe for beginners wanting to brew a mediocre Hazy IPA….(aka NEIPA or MNEIPA). Below is the recipe I used on my Brewzilla, but you’re probably better off improving the recipe by adding more hops, specifically at flameout, whirlpool and dry hop. Also try adding dry hops after peak fermentation. If you follow the recipe exactly, your beer won’t be bad, but it probably won’t be amazing either… just kinda…. meh.

Anyone interested in home brewing Hazy IPAs, let me know in the comments on how I can improve my brewing techniques, recipes and videos in general. Genuine feedback is always appreciated!

92% Pale 2-row
8% Flaked Oats
1 oz Citra 10 min
2 oz Amarillo 5 min
2 oz Citra (dry hop) Day 1 (probably add that on day 2???)
Mash 152F for 60 Min
White Labs London Fog Ale Yeast (12 Day Ferment at 68F)
2.4 Volumes of CO2 (10.8psi @ 39F)
Give it a few weeks to develop a head.

Enjoy (or not)

Wort Chiller Connection Kit:
Neoprene Jacket:

Homebrewing Starter Kit (good place to start for new brewers):
How To Brew by John Palmer (my recommended reading for beginner/novice homebrewers):
INKBIRD ITC-308 Temp Controller:
Heat-Mat 48″ x 20.75″:
Beer Tap Handle Screws to make custom tap handles:

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Ingredients
1:04 Brew Day
1:46 Hops
2:06 Target Flavour
3:11 Mediocre Beer Style
3:43 Yeast
4:39 Dry Hop
5:23 Kegging
6:18 Tasting
7:38 Conclusion

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