SMASH Cascade IPA with Home-Grown Cascade Hops, Home Brew on the Brewzilla

Beer Kit
Home Brewing Cascade SMASH IPA!

A video I made a while back on my first homebrewed SMASH Cascade Hop IPA, my first home brew on the new Brewzilla. I grew these hops in my backyard, and figured I would make it into an IPA.

I didn’t use a dehydrator, which means that a lot of the hop weight was water weight, so take the hop additions with a grain of salt. Amateur!

Next harvest season I’ll be picking my harvest and brewing right away, to give a better idea of ideal quantities and to have maximum fresh hop flavour and aroma.

Notes to myself would be to orient hop additions much later in the boil and try dry hopping. I have a fear of dry-hopping home-grown hops during fermentation, but other homebrewers I’ve spoken to about this seem to not be too worried about contamination…. So, that will be a future video. Homebrewing and learning as I go.

12lbs Pale Malt
Imperial A07 Flagship Yeast
4.5 lbs Cascade Hops (non-dehydrated)

Mash 150F for 60 Min
Hop additions:
1.5 lbs @ 60min
1.5 lbs @ 20 min
1.5 lbs @ 10 min

Wort Chiller Connection Kit:
Neoprene Jacket:

Homebrewing Starter Kit (good place to start for new brewers):
How To Brew by John Palmer (my recommended reading for beginner/novice homebrewers):
Glass Beaker for Yeast Starter:
StarSan for Sanitization:
PBW for Cleaning:


Animated using Adobe Character Animator:
And Adobe Creative Cloud Apps:
Illustrations done with iPad Pro:
And Apple Pencil:
Recording with Yeti Nano:

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Cascade Hops
1:17 Ingredients
2:08 Brew Day
3:31 End of Brew
3:57 Kegging
4:33 Tasting & Thoughts
5:44 Plan for Next Time

Music: High Speed Dating by Single Friend, under YouTube License

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