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This week’s video is on Wee heavy! Scotland’s version of Barleywine. This video is in honor of a recently fallen homebrewer, Mark Todd. Mark’s favorite style is Wee Heavy, and Mark frequently won awards for his take on the style. Mark’s recipe is included in this dataset.

Mark leaves behind a wife and 3 young boys. If you feel compelled to donate something to Mark’s family here’s the link to their GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-jenny-todd-and-her-family.

In other news, our website is up! http://www.meanbrews.com. I’ve added all of our Meanbrews presentations to the website so feel free to go in and download them.

Please add in the comments to this video which style you would like covered next! The most “Thumbs Up” style will be the next video! Voting ends 10/14/2020

Alright now on to the recipe:

77.6% Maris Otter
7.2% Crystal 60
6.1% Munich I
5.1% Aromatic
1.7% Crystal 120
0.9% Roasted Barley
0.7% Cherry or Beechwood smoked Malt
0.7% English chocolate malt

22.1 IBU’s of EKG at 60m
0.2 oz/gal of EKG at 15 minutes

Yeast (Pick one they’re all the same strain):
White Labs WLP028 Edinburgh Scottish Ale Yeast / Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale Yeast  / Imperal A31 – Tartan / Omega OYL 015 – Scottish Ale / Giga GY044

OG-1.098, IBU’s – 28.3 IBU
Water Chemistry – Brown/Black Full Water Profile. Maybe increase chlorides up to 100 ppm
Infusion mash 60min @155F(68C).
Sparge to 1.010 runoff and boil wort for min 120 minutes (or until OG is reached), track your boiloff rate!
Chill to 63°F(17°C), oxygenate, and pitch BIG. Re-oxygenate 24 hours after fermentation kicks off.
Ferment at 63°F(17°C), raise to 70°F(21°C) as fermentation Slows. Keep on yeast 2-3 weeks.
Cold Crash
Keg or bottle to 2.3 volumes CO2.

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