Brewing a Coopers Real Ale With DME, LME and Willamette Hops

Beer Kit
Hey my home brewing homies… in todays home brew video I am making a Coopers Red Ale with a major twist.

You can really turn these cans of goo aka Coopers Beer kits into a very great tasting beer with a few Adjuncts (things you add to beer), such as DME (dry Malt extract), LME (liquid malt extra) and some willamette hops, as well as some specialty grains.

Pretty simple beer recipe that improves this coopers real ale beer tremendously.

This beer is being fermented in my trusty ol”Coopers DIY Kit!

Be sure to tune back in for the taste test of this beer, always a freaking adventure.

Here is the video of me kegging and bottling this Coopers Real Ale:

Here is the link to the brewing video I talk about in this video… the dudes name is TubeDinoz:


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