Diacetyl – Brewing Beer for Dummies

Diacetyl – Brewing Beer for Dummies
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This week I´m kicking off a brand new mini-series. Brewing Beer for Dummies. The idea is to focus on one topic at a time. In this first episode, I´m trying to nerd down on diacetyl. What is diacetyl, when do want it or don’t want it? How to get rid of Diacetyl, how to test for diacetyl at home, how to preserve diacetyl in our beers when we want diacetyl, Diacetyl Rest. Hop creep. Dry hopping. and packaging. Hope you will enjoy this week’s video and this mini-series. Cheers DrHans

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The beers listed in this video:
London Pride
Pilsner Urqel
Fullers ESB
Grannys Red Ale

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00:00 Start
01:13 INTRO
01:56 What is Diacetyl
02:21 AAL-Alpha acetolactate
02:33 Diacetyl taste
02:47 Learn how to pick up the diacetyl flavor
03:03 In which beer styles do we want diacetyl?
04:02 German vs Cheech style pilsners
04:29 Correction
06:03 When we don´t want diacetyl in beer
06:44 How to get rid of Diacetyl in beer
07:32 Diacetyl Rest
07:49 Diacetyl Test
08:45 How to preserve diacetyl in beer
09:58 Hop Creep – Dry Hopping
10:30 Enzymed in Hops
11:26 How I Dry hop And Why
12:03 Diacetyl from bad handling with the beer

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