Homebrew Kegs Quality Grades Explained

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If you’re like us, you like to start consuming your homebrewed beer as soon as possible and a process that helps achieve that is kegging (and force carbonating in the keg).

A quick search online for “homebrew kegs” brings up a TON of options and various types and various qualities of homebrew kegs. It can be overwhelming but, fear not, Ladik Joe Ermis from HomebrewSupply.com is here to explain the basic differences between the different kegs and how Kegconnection.com and HomebrewSupply.com grade the qualities of their kegs.

What’s your favorite type of keg? Let us know in the comments below and also let us know what topic or products you’d like us to discuss on a future video or episode of the show!

Kegs featured:

NEW 5 Gal Rubber Handle – https://www.kegconnection.com/5-gallon-new-amcyl-ball-lock-keg-rubber-top/

NEW 5 Gal Single Handle – https://www.kegconnection.com/5-gallon-new-amcyl-ball-lock-keg-with-ss-strap-handle/

Standard 5 Gal Ball Lock – https://www.kegconnection.com/cornelius-keg-or-firestone-5-gallon-ball-lock-pepsi-style-for-homebrew-soda/

Standard 5 Gal Pin Lock – https://www.kegconnection.com/pin-lock-coke-style-cornelius-keg-or-firestone-5-gallon-for-homebrew-soda/

B-Grade 5 Gal Ball Lock – https://www.kegconnection.com/ball-lock-b-grade-keg


Kegging homebrewed beer. These stainless KEG system for small batch homebrewing beer is perfect if you starting the homebrewing hobby


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