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I have compiled a list of do’s and dont’s for homemade pineapple beer to help you make a successful first batch. This episode talks about the steps and considerations to make a safe and drinkable pineapple beer. These tips have been compiled by asking a group of homebrewers for their input after successfully brewing their own batches and is intended to give you the knowledge required to get through a brew.

To calculate your bleach from a known starting concentration use the following formula:
C1 (%) x V1 (mL) = C2 (%) x V2 (mL)
Your bleach (%) 3.5 x required volume (a) = 1% x amount required (2000 mL)
a = (1 x 2000) / 3.5
a = 571 mL and dilute to 2000 mL with water.


Don’t boil the yeast
Do include extra nutrition for the yeast
Don’t use aluminum
Don’t leave it fermenting too long
Don’t let it explode
Do use plastic for safety
Do leave bottles in a cooler while carbonating


If you want to watch how we made this batch of beer follow this link to my video:
HOW TO BREW your own pineapple beer – https://youtu.be/A2EUViJFqJE

THIS IS A SIMPLE RECIPE and it can vary greatly
but the method is simple.
Be careful but don’t be OCD!
Look after your yeast
Sugar does not equal sugar 🙂

Our recipe was:
2 x pineapple
1.6 kg white sugar
15 g yeast
5 x tbs molasses
some ginger
to 15 L
7 days Stage 1 – Bucket
2 days Stage 2 – Carbonation
Refrigerate and drink within the next 6 days or until the next batch is ready

Here are some rough numbers to help guide you. Before bottling
2 days = Juice
5 days = Fun
7 days = Strong
14 days = Dangerous

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