How to Brew an IPA Beer – Step by Step

Learn how to brew beer in a simple step by step tutorial. Learn how long you have to cook the grains and when you should add the hops to your brew. Simon is brewing an American IPA outside in the amazing nature of Norway. This is a spin off video from the North & Beyond “Brewing Beer from Glacier Ice” – if you want to watch the full episode click here –

You will also find all details to brew your own beer on our website:

If you are living in Norway and you would like to brew the exact same beer as we did, you will find the beer brew kid here from –

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What is North & Beyond?

It all started with a crazy idea: Let’s brew beer from glacier ice ( We hiked up to one of the most impressive glaciers of Northern Norway. By filming this trip with our mobile phones we came up with creating the YouTube channel North & Beyond. Our goal: We want to show you, what you can do out of the ordinary when you visit Norway, Finland or Sweden. You will find so many possibilities in this unique nature, you just have to unleash the adventurer in you.

Episode guide:

#1 Brewing Beer from Glacier Ice – (Steindalsbreen, Lyngen Alps)

#2 Something from Something from Nothing – (Lyngen Alps, Tromsø)

#3 Underwater Craft Beer Cellar – (Tromsø, Kvaløya)

#4 Building a portable Sauna – (Tromsø, Kittilä & Inari Finland)

#5 Surviving -34°C. in a snow cave – (Maze, Kautokeino Norway)

#6 coming soon …

If you want to get in contact with us, don’t be shy! You will find our details on our homepage We are happy to hear from you.

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