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Learn how to convert a chest freezer into a kegerator to serve and store your homebrew! This complete tutorial will guide you through finding the chest freezer, painting, building a keezer collar, adding trim, and tricking out your new kegerator with 6 beer taps, a glass rinser, and LED lights!

See the full guide here:

00:00 – Introduction
00:25 – Keezer Build Plan
01:21 – Sanding and Priming the Chest Freezer
03:00 – Painting The Chest Freezer with Chalkboard Paint
04:00 – Keezer Collar Build
04:43 – Installing Keezer Collar Trim
05:00 – Adding Beer Taps and Drip Tray with Glass Rinser
05:48 – Installing CO2 Gas Manifold and Beer Lines
06:05 – Temperature Controller and Circulation Fan
06:18 – Adding LED Lights
06:25 – Keezer Build Wrapup

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