How to Make Peach Moonshine

In this flavored moonshine video, we show you how to make the best aged peach pie moonshine. This recipe has been used for years by us at Clawhammer Supply and it’s the absolute best way to make moonshine with a sweet peach pie flavor. For this recipe we’re using Ole Smoky White Lightnin’ moonshine which is 100 proof and is made to be used in mixed drinks. You can buy peach pie moonshine at the store, but nothing will be better than this fresh, homemade, from scratch recipe that uses real dried peaches and all natural ingredients. The most important part of this recipe is the Peach Pie Moonshine Spice Kit that is sold by Clawhammer Supply. This spice kit contains 8-10 dried peaches, toasted white oak chips, cinnamon, ginger, orange, clove, vanilla, and pink peppercorn. What mountain folk would tell you is that the best peach pie moonshine is made with Indian Peaches or Blood Peaches, but these are tough to come across so you might have to settle with regular peaches like we did. The recipe we show you in this video is actually a new recipe where we used more moonshine and different peach juice. Making Peach Pie Moonshine is a great way to improve and sweeten your favorite moonshine and our Peach Pie Moonshine spice kits are a great gift for any moonshine lover with a sweet tooth. Check out the resources below for a full recipe, spice kits, and an interesting article about the history behind peach pie moonshine.

Full Recipe:
Spice Kit:
History In A Mason Jar Article:

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