Keg King Guten Brewery System Easy Brew Day – No Sweat IPA

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Homebrewing should be fun. With so many new brewers taking up grain brewing during the recent lockdowns, starting out can be a bit overwhelming, so we thought we’d take a straightforward approach and breakdown an easy brewday that can knock out a great beer.

Our Keg King Guten Brewery Systems are simple to use and provide brewers with heaps of options for how to make great beer easily. In this video we highlight the 40L system, but feel free to double or triple the recipe to work in our 50L or 70L systems.

This is a Single Step Immersion Mash (SSIM) so all the grain will be added to the mash at 64C and held for an extended time of 70 Min. We’ll sparge with 77C water to get to a preboil volume of 27L or you might want to sparge with cold water or even forget the sparge all together, top up the kettle to 27L and just move on to the boil. Keep it simple. It’s your choice here.


Voyager Pale Compass 5kg
Voyager Biscuit 1kg
Joe White Cara 0.2


Whirlfloc 1/2 tablet

Angel CS31 or US05 or WLP001 or BRY97 or Morgans American

This basic brewday condenses the essential steps as we demonstrate an easy to follow recipe. Don’t sweat the technique. We’re just going to shoot for a nice hoppy beer with some quality C hops and a smooth malt backbone. You’ll be looking to extract 22-23 litres into your fermenter but due to some extraction issues at the end of our brewday we only brought over just bit over 20L into our fermenter.

You’ll be saving a few hops from brewday to add towards the end of fermentation for dryhopping in the fermenter.

Here’s the link to our Keg King Guten Brewery System Packages and products online:

or get a 40L system and a locking screen here:

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