Multi Point Calibration For The iSpindel – “Easy Method” – DIY Digital Home Brew Hydrometer [4K]

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This video shows how to calibrate the iSpindel to create a polynomial formula that will ensure super accurate gravity readings in your home brew fermenter. This video shows the easy method using a sugar wash solution and additional dilutions, and in future videos I will show the “fast ferment” method which increases accuracy even further.

Once you have calibrated the iSpindel, you are ready to connect it to the services that you are wanting to use for it such as Brewfather, Ubidots, Fermentrack or BrewPi / BrewPiLess. I have videos coming out on connecting the iSpindel to these services so subscribe to check them out!


DIY iSpindel Kit – Includes Hardware + Battery

Fully Assembled + Tested iSpindel (Includes Battery)

00:00 Introduction
01:49 – Tools and equipment you will need
02:49 – Making the iSpindel correctly fit inside tube
03:55 – Connecting to the iSpindel
04:57 – Offset calibration
05:44 – Setting the 25* float angle
07:09 – Deciding on calibration points
08:05 – Online calculators
08:31 – Setting up the online calibration tool
09:12 – First calibration at 1.000
09:44 – Creating sugar wash of highest gravity reading
11:23 – Calibration at 1.080
12:45 – Calibration at 1.070
15:22 – Calibration at 1.060
17:14 – Calibration at 1.050
18:08 – Calibration at 1.040
18:58 – Calibration at 1.030
20:23 – Calibration at 1.020
21:20 – Calibration at 1.010
22:34 – Calibration polynomial formula



Dilution And Boiloff Gravity Calculator


For other videos on building and using iSpindels, check out my other videos and subscribe to the channel!

The iSpindel is a digital hydrometer that lets you wirelessly see your home brew fermentation temperature and specific gravity. With built in WiFi, the iSpindel can connect to apps such as BrewFather to graph the progress of your ferment and be accessed anywhere in the world! The iSpindel can also be used to tie in with other hardware such as BrewPi / BrewPiLess in order to build fully automated fermentation temperature controllers.

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