Super Coopers Review, Bottles and Kit Beer, Stout, Ale, Bitter

Beer Kit
I’ve been brewing all grain, partials, and kit beers for a while now.

This chronicles my finding Coopers in a bottle, to tasting three varieties and the kit beer, Coopers English Bitter.

Thanks to PEIhomebrewer and wierdbeer Fo for telling me what hops is in Coopers.

I also read a couple of passages from Charlie Papazian’s book, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, where he tells us that extract beer is excellent qualtiy and not to be lead astray by those who think they “know it all” about home brewing.

Thanks to anonymous for my new SteelJan shirt, I really love it.

BTW, we make quesadillas down here just like Craigtube shows it. It was probably the first fast food in Texas before there was a Texas. Couple of flour tortillas toasted in a pan with whatever goodies you want to and cheese. Whoever says different is mistaken.

Music by Antiqcool
Used by permission in exchange for this crediting under the Creative Commons License – NonCommercial Thanks so much, great music, I wish you guys great success!!!

filmed with a Kodak Zi8
edited in Windows 7 with Windows Live Movie Maker

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