Homebrew Lager Recipe – Can we clone Stella Artois at home? – Grainfather Recipe and Beer Review

Beer Kit
It’s homebrew time again! Check out this all grain kit we put together from a really old book “Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy” by Dave Line

Forgive any slurring, we’re 7 pints in at this point

Today we reviewed our own first attempt at making Stella Artois at home (we called it Stellar Effort.)

I (Mark) am a big fan of Stella. When I’m out and there’s no good craft around, it’s my go-to lager and I’m normally happy to drink it until I can’t speak. Being able to make it at home would give me something that I can have on draught in the corny keg and mean that guests (when they’re allowed again) won’t complain that my beer is too bitter, or tastes like a plant.

The recipe came from the Dave Line book “Brewing beers like those you buy” and is a good starting point, but definitely needs some tweaking.

0:00 Intro
2:45 Looks
5:37 Aroma
7:30 Taste
11:39 Price
13:10 Sessionability
14:17 Oyster Score

The link for the Grainfather recipe and schedule is: https://community.grainfather.com/recipes/500910

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