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Wondering how to brew hazy IPA at home? In this video you’ll see how I created a beer design or hazy IPA recipe and turned that into homebrew.

I’ve been on a mission to break down each component of a Hazy IPA, NEIPA, whatever you want to call it by testing best practices and brewing batch after batch. So far I’ve brewed 8 different beers testing everything from water profiles to dry hopping schedules and obsessing over every little detail. Now that I’ve made my way through each of the ingredients in a Hazy IPA I think it’s time we find out if all this effort was worth it.

Now, let’s make some beer.


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Things I used in this brew:
October Design SL1:
Anvil Crucible 7 gallon:
Anvil Crucible 14 gallon:
Blichmann BrewEasy 10 gallon:
Blichmann BrewEasy 5 gallon:
Blichmann Oxygen Flow Regulator:
2 Gallon Bucket (for grains):
Brewery Speaker:
Blichmann RipTide Pump:
Quick Disconnects on the RipTide Pump (2):
Silicon Tubing:
Blichmann Therminator (Plate Chiller):
Wort Quick Disconnects for the chiller:
Hose Quick Disconnects for the chiller:
1.5” Tri-clamp Sight Glass:
Field Notes:
Toolbox (kettle stand):

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