Klarstein Maischfest brew kettle – A beginners step by step guide on this all in 1 kettle

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This is our take on how to brew on the Klarstein Maischfest kettle. A bit different to our normal brew day videos (another coming shortly) but we got asked to do it so we’ve obliged. We take you through the entire kettle process. People have asked “How to use the clock on the Klarstein Maischfest kettle”, so we cover that in depth in step 2. This video is just meant to get you started with the klarstein Maischfest kettle but one piece of import info that we missed was for a final batch of 23litres we make sure to top up to the max line (25 litres) for a 1 hour boil. If you care about hitting the Original gravity you can adjust the top up with ginger brewers BREWDAY TOOLBOX

download from the app store(sorry to apple people);

Water volumes and mash chemistry

If you need to skip sections, here are the timings for each chapter.
00:00 Intro
00:40 Step 1 – Water
01:42 Step 2 – Setting the temp
05:04 Step 3 – Weigh the ingredients
05:47 Step 4 – Mash in
06:40 Step 5 – Re-circulation
07:04 Step 6 – Mash out
07:40 Step 7 – Raise the grains and sparge
08:48 Step 8 – The boil
09:12 Step 9 – Add the hops
10:11 Step 10 – Cooldown
11:04 Step 11 – Decant to the fermenter
11:40 Step 12 – Pitch the yeast

Two ginger fellas having a laugh and brewing beer.

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